Minecraft & crappy parenting?


Maybe it’s the recent holiday season or maybe I’m getting mushy as I age…

It’s just little ol’ me, a nobody really, who’s urging all of you to remember what truly matters, before life, in its own special way, shoves a gentle reminder in our busy/stressed/driven/self-absorbed faces.

…as it did me.

An oh so short while ago, I was blubbering into a bunch of tissues because somehow, I missed a special presentation to my son for a national Minecraft competition he had won. What’s wrong with me? I’m not usually this emotional…am I? Actually, don’t answer that.

At first, looking for a scapegoat, I furiously hammered off a thousand angry and indignant protests to my office wall which uselessly ricocheted around my skull.

Then the guilt kicked in. What did I do to make this happen? Maybe everything!

From that moment, I decided I was officially the worst parent in the universe and beyond if it goes any further…somehow, I should have known, should have anticipated, should have thought about my boy before my exercise/emails/whatever…

Then grief. Back to the blubbering and half a box of tissues later, I stopped shaking long enough to stab away at the computer in a vain attempt at self-therapy.

I was a case study in the “Ten Steps of Crappy Parenting-itis” book.

Perhaps it’s my customized wake up call that it’s time to connect more with heartfulness, rather than headfulness…not real words of course, but hopefully you know what I’m trying to say.

Time to think about the hummingbird flitting past my window, the warmth of the sunshine on my back as I finally find the time to tinkle on the piano or rinsing the impatience from my heart as my children joyfully chat to me about what funny little things happened to them during the day.







Ok, I’m not really a crappy parent, just doing the best I can, like most of us.

Am throwing away the “Ten Steps of Crappy Parenting-itis” book and logging in to Amazon to look for “Ten Steps of Heartful Parenting-itis” book.


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