Hot for zzzzs…

I’ve been writing about moments lately so why not another? Last night I had a lesbian moment. In fact it was more than a moment, it went for quite some time. No, it wasn’t in some darkened corner of a club (‘cos I’m a 40+ mother who’s in a frequent state of tiredness and distraction), but in a dream…and if it were Christopher Nolan’s, I could’ve been stuck there for forty years.

Seriously though, don’t dreams often feel so real? Thankfully, the fact that it was only a dream means I don’t have to deal with tortuous guilt over having cheated on my husband.

In this dream, I had a hot body, like Miranda Kerr’s. I’d been watering garden beds and as it was too wet for sunbathing, (what?) I went inside. Pausing at a bookcase, I was tempted by a row of Mills & Boon novels thinking I could flip to the juicy parts…but what if I get caught? Hmmm…better not.

Then came the girl on girl moment. Upstairs, in a darkened room was a cast iron bed. A large Amazonian female was sharing, with admirable precision, her various techniques in the sack…with matching hand gestures. Ouch! Suddenly I was half naked on top of her. Who knew I was so liberal? Then fully naked. Woah! There’s that awesome body again. (Doubling my exercise regime as of tomorrow…)

Sure, I’ve had sex dreams, most of us have, right? They often don’t have much to do with sex and don’t necessarily mean you’re a weirdo! (Phew.)

Here are a few results from my research…

“Showing off your talents and traits requires that you open up and become vulnerable and exposed,” says Wallace — just like sex (which is why your snoozing psyche converts it into this extremely intimate act).

Translation: Ramping up my writing career means I’m gonna get heaps more hot sex while I’m asleep and out of it. Great.

To dream that you are homosexual (but you are not in your waking life), represents a union with aspects of yourself. It is symbolic of self-love, self-acceptance, and compassion.

Translation: Finally, all that therapy’s working.

To have sex with a stranger may symbolize a new you that is emerging due to changes you are going through. The stranger may also indicate you are open to a change or a new opportunity that is underway.

Translation: Grab that new opportunity. Adding a synopsis of this dream to my résumé before I send in to HBO.

And you? What have you been dreaming of lately?


2 thoughts on “Hot for zzzzs…

  1. Ha ha, yes & I love the fact that you’re so conscientious to do the follow up research, while the rest of us just roll out of the sack to make the school lunches LOL, as the Amazons fade away


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